Lamp Renovation

It is important to ensure that headlamps conform to Spanish Legal requirements in order for the vehicle to pass its ITV (MOT). When motorists find out that their vehicle needs new headlamps due to them being yellowed and faded by the hot sun this can be an expensive and unexpected shock. This is where The Headlamp Exchange comes in.

A unique formula has been developed to renovate dull, dirty, yellowed and faded headlamps like new. This service can be provided at a fraction of the cost of new headlamps.

If you would like your headlamps to ‘shine' then contact us for more information.







Fri, 14 Dec 2007 22:06:21

Hi Steve, just a short letter to tell you how impressed I am with your headlamp renovation service.

Instead of just an amber glow in front of the car I now have two beams of light, they look like new ones.

Regards Brian Johnson

Los Balcones


To:       The Headlamp Exchange

From:   Willem Cars

Date:            03.09.07

Re: Lamp Shine System

We at Willem Cars were glad to find Stephen and his amazing lamp cleaning/Lamp Shine system.  The difference in the headlamps after the treatment was incredible.

We have used the services of The Headlamp Exchange many times before and are always extremely pleased with their service and products.

We would not hesitate to recommend not only The Headlamp Exchange but also the amazing Lamp Shine system..




Director – Willem Car Dealers, La Marina Village


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